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Welcome to Earn Online Income, a site designed to help you become your own boss!


Recently, I lost my job.  I had been employed at this company for thirteen years. It was odd, but I had often told myself that this job would be my last job, meaning I’d retire from there. Little did I know, but that prediction was about to come true. Else, it seemed like it had because after I got laid off, I couldn’t find work. That was just the beginning of my troubles. I’d get a job for a short while, then something would happen and I’d get laid off again. This occurred several times and the process really forced me to do some serious soul-searching, but I hadn’t the time to sit around and think. I had a mortgage to pay!

One day, inspiration hit and I remembered, as if dusting ideas off an old shelf, that I had an online publishing business I’d started several years prior. The site was never meant to be a money maker, so I thought at the time. I only set it up so that my clients could have a storefront for their books, giving me much-needed credibility as a publisher. The business wasn’t doing poorly, but it certainly wasn’t setting me free either. In truth, I had always known there was a way to make it more profitable, but how? I wasn’t a marketer. I wasn’t really a salesperson. In fact, when I’d done book fairs, I found them to be fun on the one hand but very, very, very difficult on the other; mostly because I was terrible at selling. All I wanted to do was publish people’s books and write a few of my own. Why do I have to sell stuff?


I knew that I had to learn marketing. MARKETING! Yippee? This was not something that I wanted to do. I even looked for marketing companies to do the work for me. Do you know that they charge a lot of money for their services? What was I thinking? Without a real job, that option was out of the question anyway. So, I did what everyone does with a computer. I searched the internet for ways to promote my website and to get it off the ground. I figured that if I could make money from my site I wouldn’t have to continue to send out resumes every day.

On yet another day, as I was reading yet another post about yet another online affiliate program, this particular author mentioned a site called Wealthy Affiliate. If you weren’t reading carefully, you would have missed it. The author didn’t even really sell the company. She only mentioned it once, way down at the teeny tiny bottom of the page. There it was, Wealthy Affiliate, and beside it was the magic word – FREE! Lucky for me because I didn’t have, well, you know. With that, I decided to click on the link provided and, as luck would have it, I haven’t looked back.

Not only am I learning marketing, but I’m enjoying MARKETING! Who would have thought? Now, if I can share this information with others, I know that I can actually change lives. It’s not just about online education. You can get that from a book. It’s about taking one’s gifts, talents and abilities and allowing them to help people live their lives on purpose.

Let me say for the record, that there is nothing I regret about the rat race. It helped me buy a house, vacation with my family regularly, and live a relatively good life. The problem is it just never really fulfilled me.


The entire goal of this website is to reach out to those who have a desire to learn more about earning online income, who have dreams of becoming their own boss and of living life on their own terms. It’s for those who imagine waking up late, walking to their mailbox and finding a check there from work they’ve done days, weeks, months, even years ago. That’s the power of online income. It can be residual, that is, MONEY working for you instead of the other way around.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.